What is HAMOS?

HAMOS is Real-Time Operating System for Next Generation Information Device. HAMOS stands for Highly Agile Media Operating System. HAMOS adopts several basic characteristics of real-time system, such as real-tiem scheduler, inter-task synchronization, and memory management. Therefore, HAMOS is suitable for next-generation information devices.


HAMOS has the following features.

  • Multi-tasking, multi-stacked
  • HAMOS supports multi-tasking. Multi-tasking maximizes the utilization of the real-time systems and also provides for modular construction of applications. HAMOS also supports context switches and has HAMOS scheduler for managing multi-tasking. In addtion, HAMOS has multi-stacked structure. The stack area for system mode, IRQ mode, and superviser mode are exist in HAMOS. Each stack area consists of multi-stacked structure.

  • Task switching
  • When HAMOS decides to run a different task, it saves the current task's context in the current task's context storage area - its stack. After this operation is performed, the new task's context is restored from its storage area and then resumes execution of the new task's code. That is task switching supported by HAMOS.

  • Predictable Task Synchronization Mechanisms
  • HAMOS has the following features for predictable task synchronization mechnisms.

    • Interrupt latency has to be predictable and less than 2-3usec.
    • Dispatch latency has to be predictable and less than 1-2usec.
    • System call time should be predictable and independent from the number of tasks in the system.
    • IRQ mode and FIQ mode are supported.
    • Two classes of priority level are supported: Dynamic priority for time sharing scheduling of general tasks and Static priority for real-time scheduling
    • Synchronous and asynchronous events processing
  • Small size kernel
  • The size of HAMOS kernel is limited to 4 Kbytes (1Kword). Of course, it includes all HAMOS kernel functions.

  • Pluggable RTOS Structure
  • HAMOS consists of modules. Each function of HAMOS is divided by its module and each module is selective. The user can compose its own HAMOS by HAMOS Configuraion Utility. Each module is pluggable.

  • Comply with mITRON-specification RTOS
  • HAMOS complies with mITRON-specification RTOS. mITRON-specification RTOS


December 1st, 2006

First release of HAMOS 0.5 "Prototype of Next Generation Real-Time Operating System"

With several month's effort, we are glad to release the first version of next generation RTOS, HAMOS 0.5. HAMOS 0.5 is developed on Hybus PXA270a board with

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